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How the Rich Stay Rich: Free Auto Insurance Quotes

How would you like to earn $2,000 an hour? What – you don’t think you can? Has the economy and corporate world made you feel so impotent you don’t think you can earn this kind of money? If you feel this way – you are wrong!

One of the quickest ways to put more money in your pocket is to get free auto insurance quotes. Those of you tuning out now will not be getting richer, but those staying focused will.

This is after all, how the rich get richer. They take advantage of the tax codes, the time they have to get multiple free auto insurance quotes and so on. The rich in this country pay less for auto insurance than the overall average.

Once they are rich, they want to stay that way! Getting auto insurance quotes used to be a hassle – and most of us avoided it because of the immense pressure we’d get from insurance sales people. Now you can use one of the thousands of online auto insurance quote portals provided by web based businesses like “InTexasAutoInsurance.com”.

How Free Auto Insurance Quote Portals Work

There are web based businesses out there that specialize only in auto insurance lead generation. Why? Auto insurance companies like Geico, All State, and State Farm etc. know what the value of a customer is. They have such sophisticated business models they know what it cost to acquire a new customer, and how profitable that customer is.

Here’s a fictitious example: If you are 28 years old, a female and live in Houston, Texas they know that on average you are going to be a customer for 33.4 months generating an estimated $1,927 in profits. This is a fake example and the numbers are not accurate, but the concept is.

With the understanding of this concept – insurance companies are willing to pay for leads. Why? They know that for every 100 leads they get “X” number of new customers. They also know that those “X” number of new customers produce a certain amount of profit – they actually know how much profit on average this customer is worth! Therefore they are willing to pay per lead for that new potential customer.

Auto Insurance Company ROI

Imagine the difficulties trying to determine the return on investment for Super Bowl advertising or the millions Progressive Insurance spends on “Flo” television commercials. Do you think they can accurately determine their ROI? The simple answer is “not with precision”.

They can however measure their ROI with lead based “free auto insurance quote” portals. Now, the auto insurance companies don’t own these lead generation companies, though it seems like it would be a great investment for them. What they do is pay a fixed dollar amount based on certain parameters they know will generate a profit.

You may not love the idea that the insurance company has every possible statistic on a person of your gender, age and so on, but they are “betting” on you and they want to win with profits. It’s your job to use the free auto insurance quote portals now so widely available to get multiple insurance quotes and have them (at least 3 is average) competing for your business and hard earned money.

So…we live in a modern world, take advantage of it like the rich do! Use a free auto insurance quote portal like the one on this site to get at least three competing auto insurance quotes…and save (earn) money!!