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Texas Auto Insurance Rates for Top Ten Cities

Here are Texas auto insurance rates for the top ten Texas cities – by population. Compare the auto insurance rates in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, Arlington, Corpus Christi, Plano and Laredo. After learning about how high some city’s auto insurance rates are above average – you might decide to move!

Texas auto insurance law requires residents to carry auto insurance. However, the costs of insurance in the top 10 cities in Texas vary according to several factors. Here are ten most populated cities in Texas and the average cost of insurance for each.

Houston as the highest auto insurance rates – 108% above average

As the largest city in Texas and home of more than 6 million people, Houston has high volume of traffic. Rated as a global city, the city’s economy has a broad industrial base in energy, manufacturing, aeronautics, healthcare and transportation. Houston inhabitants allot an average of $1,748 for car insurance annually, which is 108% above the average rate in the state. Read more…

San Antonio – auto insurance rates 93% above average

San Antonio, with a population of 1.3 million, is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas. San Antonio residents spend an average of $1,619 for car insurance, 93 percent above the mean rate in the state. Read more…

Dallas – auto insurance rates 84% above average

Dallas’ economy is the sixth largest in the US, with a 2010 gross metropolitan product of $374 billion. Dallas residents shell out an average of $1,541 for car insurance, 84 percent above the mean rate in Texas as a whole. Read more…

Austin – auto insurance rates 66% above average

The capital of Texas, Austin has a population of 790,390. A cultural and economic center, the city has a population of 790,390. Residents allot $1,395 each year for auto insurance, 66 percent above the mean rate in Texas. Read more…

Fort Worth – auto insurance rates 86% above average

The city is a cultural gateway into the American West. Having a population of 740,000 plus, the city contains over 1,000 natural wells. The city has been built on western heritage and is known as a center of arts and sciences. The inhabitants shell out about $1,559 each year for auto insurance, 86 percent above the mean rate. Read more…

El Paso – auto insurance rates 72% above average

Located on Mexican border, El Paso is an international metropolitan area. With a population of more than 800,000, El Paso is a manufacturing center of clothing, construction materials, electronic, medical equipment and plastics. El Paso inhabitants pay about $1,444 each year for auto insurance, which transcends the mean rate by 72 percent. Read more…

Arlington – auto insurance rates 93% above average

With a population of 365,000 Arlington is a part of Fort Worth metropolitan region. Arlington is home to the University of Texas at Arlington and a General Motors Assembly Plan. Premium for the residents is on average of $1,622 for car insurance that crosses the mean rate by 93 per cent. Read more…

Corpus Christi – auto insurance rates 87% above average

Corpus Christi is a coastal town hosting a population of 400,000 plus. The local economy is driven largely by tourism and the oil & petrochemicals industry. Residents allot a reported $1,574 each year for auto insurance, 87 percent post the mean rate. Read more…

Plano – auto insurance rates 81% above average

Plano is a city in Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex region. Considered among the wealthiest places in the US, the city was also selected as the 11th best place to live in the United States by CNN Money magazine in 2006. Auto insurance rates are on average $1,520 per year for Plano inhabitants, topping the mean rate by 81 percent. Read more…

Laredo – auto insurance rates 91% above average

With a city population of 236,000 plus, Laredo is located on the US-Mexican border with the economy based on international trade. Inhabitants shell out $1,601 each year for car insurance, which is 91 percent above the mean rate in Texas.


Knowing the auto insurance rates by city in Texas will help you compare the premiums and decide on your own insurance. Rates vary from city to city based on risk factors such as demographics, accidents, roadways, distance to work etc. Taking this into consideration when relocating could save you hundreds, or cost you hundreds of dollars each year.

Many Texas residents wisely use auto insurance comparison tools such as found on this website. Simply enter your zip code – and compare the rates of up to 8 of the top auto insurance companies. Spending 10 minutes doing this could save you more than $500 a year on your Texas auto insurance expenses.