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Tips for Cheap Car Insurance in Texas

If you are looking for cheap car insurance in Texas, it’s important to know the state required minimum insurance levels. The state has the car insurance liability minimums set at – 30/60/25. However, people usually want a better coverage plan so they are better protected on the road.

The problem with more coverage is that it cost more money! The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) is a trusted industry resource and recommends certain discounts that you ask your insurance company about. If they do provide discounts mentioned below, you can choose one of them and find yourself saving money on your car insurance in Texas!

Discounts for car insurance in Texas

You can get a discount for a clean driving record. A good driving record in Texas gets you discounts from many car insurance companies. A good driving history makes you a lower risk to the insurance company. The lower the risk you are to them, the more money they’ll make by collecting on insurance policies and never having to pay out!

Another not well known and often overlooked car insurance discount is good grades. If you are young and have a minimum of B average in school, then you are considered a low risk driver. Also if you have completed the driver’s education or driver’s safety course, then you may be offered a discount by car insurance companies.

Texas car insurance multi-policy discounts

Muti-policy coverage helps with added discounts as well. If you have more than one vehicle, than your car insurance in Texas could get cheaper. If you add your boat, house or umbrella policy all to the same carrier, you will find even greater discounts.

If your vehicle is a safe one on the roads, it can also lead to lower car insurance in Texas too. In other words, if your vehicle is well equipped with safety equipment such as ABS, antilock brakes and antitheft devices, then the insurance companies can give you a discount. These features in the car mean that there is less risk of the car getting stolen or you getting severely injured in an accident. So the car insurance companies will have to pay less (make more profits) and they can give you a discount.

A good business relationship also never hurts. If you are a longtime policy holder with the company for several years, then you can demand to be charged a discounted premium. It’s similar to your cable television where new customers get certain discounts not offered to existing ones. Yet if you call and ask for the retention department – odds are they’ll give you the same discount if you threaten to leave them. Insurance companies are no different. They paid to get you as a customer, and it’s cheaper to keep you then to acquire a new one.

If you want to bet on yourself then raising your deductibles can reduce your car insurance in Texas. This tip will save you money month in and month out, as long as you don’t have an accident!

Online quotes for car insurance in Texas

Leading industry experts also suggest that buyers must gather as many quotes for car insurance in Texas as they can. One of the quickest and easiest ways to do this is through our online car insurance quote portal. Here you’ll get car insurance quotes from the nation’s top car insurance companies – all in one place – at the click of a mouse!

Be prepared to answer a set of standard questions such as age and sex of the driver, the make, model, year, and vehicle identification number (VIN) of your car, your driving history and your neighborhood (where the car will be parked) and the type of coverage and limits you want.

Based on this and more information you will give, the insurers will provide instant quotes. After you have a few comparable quotes, then you can choose the company offering the lowest priced car insurance in Texas.