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Car Insurance in Texas – How to Lower Rates

Texas law makers have made it mandatory for motorists in the state to have car insurance. In this article we cover the average rates for car insurance in Texas, and how you can lower your premiums.

The current average premium for car insurance in Texas is estimated to be $1,420.92. This is less than the current national average of $1,602.32. However, if you are in the cities of Houston or Dallas, then your car insurance premiums will be higher due to the inherent risk of living in a larger city.

The estimated average premiums in these Texas cities are:

• Houston average premium: $1,747.87
• Dallas average premium: $1,540.52

These are average amounts, and your premium might be lower if you are a good driver and opt for the minimum liability coverage of 30/60/25.

Ways to lower car insurance in Texas

Due to the population, there are many drivers in Texas. Many do not purchase the state required car insurance due to the high monthly premium costs. These drivers consider the risk of being caught as minimal compared to the mandatory monthly premiums they will have to pay for proper coverage.

But this is a financially risky approach, as there can never be any guarantee on the roads and if the uninsured motorist causes an accident, or is caught by law enforcement and found to have no coverage, then the financial loss and penalties can be severe. That is why you must buy car insurance in Texas.

Lower your premium costs by following these methods

Car insurance shopping is quite like regular shopping. You must keep looking till you find the best coverage, at the cheapest rates. Car insurance rates vary widely depending on the insurance company, the type, and of course amount of coverage required. And most importantly, the type of vehicle you drive.

Ask for discounts – Companies offering car insurance in Texas are in stiff competition with each other, and are often running special discount campaigns. So, you must ask the insurance company what type of discounts they have running – just as you would with your local cable company. You can also qualify for regular discounts like: driving school class discount, good student discount etc. There are many different types of discounts offered by car insurance companies; they just don’t advertise them.

Multi-Car Discounts

You can get a discount from the company by getting all the vehicles insured by one company.

Multi-Policy Discounts

Get your car, boat and homeowner’s insurance from the same company. You can get discounts on all three premiums.

Secure Vehicle Discounts

If you install auto alarm systems and other such equipment in your car, making it more theft proof, you may qualify for a discount on comprehensive coverage. You can also get discounts for air bags or automatic seat belts.

Low Mileage Discounts

Car insurance companies follow the simple formula of “the more time on the road, the greater the chance of an accident”. So, if you drive less than an established number of miles each year, you may very well qualify for a discount. If your annual mileage is low, you might want to consider a Pay As You Drive policy.

Good Driver Discounts

If you have had a pristine driving record and have no recent accidents or moving violations you may be provide an added discount. Be sure to ask each time you renew your policy.

Age Discounts

If you are 50 years or older, then you are entitled to a discount for being a matured and experienced driver. But don’t forget the “cycle of life”. The very old pose a greater risk to the insurance company and their rates are higher.

Continual Coverage Discounts

If you have been with car insurance provider for long, then they may give you a loyal customer rebate. You can see a rate reduction simply by staying with the same company. You just have to ask for it.

These are some of the many ways to get good discounts on your car insurance in Texas. Car insurance rates are affected by a number of factors, and you must turn as many of them as possible in your favor.

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