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Cheap Car Insurance in Texas

Cheap car insurance in Texas can be hard to find the old fashion way, with local insurance agents – or if you choose an impulsive manner like responding to a glitzy television commercial. Texas car insurance rates vary greatly by city – and even by driver, based on a variety of factors including, but not limited to your driving record, education, age, city, daily commute and more.

The process of searching for the cheapest Texas car insurance can be a daunting task. But when you choose to do it via the web – using our online car insurance quote comparison tool, you’ll find it’s a painless process to get quotes from the top eight auto insurance providers in Texas.

All of the car insurance quotes will be personally tailored to you, your family or business. It starts with entering your zip code and some basic information – then you are launched to a car insurance quote area specifically for Texas residents.

Eight Texas car insurance quotes in 10 minutes

In a matter of 10-15 minutes, depending on how you answer questions, you can have up to eight quotes for car insurance in Texas – and choose the cheapest quote for you. If you prefer to speak with someone before making your final decision, a toll free customer service number is provided for each car insurance quote.

Texas car insurance rates do vary greatly by city, so shopping for the cheapest auto insurance pays. If you live in Houston, you’ll find you r car insurance rates to be 108% higher than the overall state average. San Antonio auto insurance rates are 93% higher than the state average. If you live in any of the top 10 most populated cities in Texas, it will pay to shop for the cheapest car insurance. Texas residents not living in these cities will find saving on auto insurance is even easier.

Texas car insurance rates are calculated by insurance companies on each individual personally, but also by location. Living in smaller, less congested communities lowers the risk of theft and accidents – making you a better bet for the auto insurance company.

Factors affecting Texas car insurance rates

Here is a list of several factors that come into play with Texas car insurance rates:

• Your Driving Record
• Your Daily Commute
• Where You Live
• How Old You Are
• Your Gender
• The Vehicle You Drive
• Your Credit Score
• Your Education Level

If it seems strange that rates for car insurance in Texas are dependent on factors such are your gender, look at it from the auto insurance company’s point of view.

• If your driving record is poor – you are more likely to get into an accident that the auto insurance company will have to pay for. So your Texas car insurance will be higher.

• If your daily commute to work is only one mile, your car insurance rates will be lower. If you travel a long distance to and from work each day, you are more of a risk and your rates will be higher.

Where you live matters – if you live in Abbott, Texas with a population of 328, and move to San Antonio with a population of 1.3 million and growing – the likelihood of getting into an accident or having a vehicle stolen increases dramatically. If you were the car insurance company – wouldn’t you increase your rates? Again – the worse the risk you are – the more your Texas car insurance rates will be.

• If you are 18 or 93 years old, your car insurance rates might be the same. Why? Each of those ages is a great risk to the auto insurance company. The 18 year old is a risk because of inexperience and reckless driving. And the 93 year old is a risk because of response time and physical impairment. Being middle aged is the best age to be to get the cheapest car insurance rates in Texas – it’s just not something you can control!

• Something else you cannot control is your Gender. And as unfair as it may seem, women have cheaper car insurance rates in Texas than men. Women get into fewer accidents and therefore are a better “bet” for the car insurance company.

• If you want the cheapest car insurance in Texas, don’t drive a sports car, especially a red one. Statistically red cars get more tickets than dull colored cars. And sports cars with higher horsepower engines and higher repairs costs are more of a risk to car insurance companies – hence the higher rates.

• How in the world could your credit score impact your insurance rates? Simple – people with better credit scores are more responsible. More responsible people get into fewer car accidents and have few moving violations. So it’s back to statistics – a good credit score means you are a better bet – or lower risk. The payoff for your lifelong effort to be “good” is that your Texas insurance rates will be cheaper than people with poor credit ratings.

• If you think it is unfair to charge people with lower education levels more for car insurance – you are right. Most people would feel the same way. Car insurance companies are not most people though. Everything they do is based on statistics. And statistics have proven that the higher education level you achieve; the few car accidents and moving violations you are in. Therefor a person with a master’s degree will pay less for Texas car insurance than there next door neighbor – who drives the same car, is the same age and gender, and who has an identical driving record, but only has a GED.

Use online tools to lower Texas car insurance costs

In your fight to find the cheapest car insurance in Texas – there are some factors you cannot control, this much is clear. What you can control now is the process of searching for car insurance, and your future driving habits. To get the best Texas car insurance rates in the shortest period of time, use our Texas Car Insurance Quote Tool. Spending 10 minutes saving up to $500 on your Texas car insurance rates is the equivalent to making $3000 an hour – certainly worth the time!