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Tips to Buy Cheap Dallas Auto Insurance

Dallas, the third largest city of Texas is one of the major metropolitan areas of the state. If you are a Dallas motorist you’ve discovered your auto insurance rates are higher than average. Discussed below are some smart ways to buy cheap auto insurance in Dallas.

The city of Dallas requires motorists to have auto insurance coverage in accordance with the Texas State laws. The recent average premium that drivers have to pay in Dallas for car insurance is $1,541 annually. This amount is 84% percent higher than the state average rate.

Now, if you are looking for cheap Dallas auto insurance options, then you would have to buy insurance in a smarter manner. The road to smart insurance purchasing begins when you choose the model of the car you plan to buy. If you consider the repair & maintenance costs, and safety features along with the make and model, then your insurance premiums have a good chance of being lower.

Cheap Dallas auto insurance options

Another thing that you can do to save costs on your Dallas car insurance is to choose the best suited coverage. The state of Texas is a Tort state and you are required to pay for the damages caused in an accident if you are proven to be at fault for it.

As a bare minimum, you are required to carry liability coverage to pay for damage to other vehicles or injuries to other people if you are at fault in a car accident. But often the minimum amount of 30/60/25 falls short of the costs associated with a serious accident. This is when you need to choose well.

Choose your coverage based on your comfort level, budget and lifestyle. If possible opt for higher deductibles and pay fewer premiums. If you have a new car, then get a better coverage so that you can protect your investment. If you drive an older car, find out its resale value and then determine the coverage you want for it.

If you have a teenage driver on your policy and he has gone off to college, then consider taking him off the policy. All these smart moves will reduce the premiums you will be required to pay for your auto insurance Dallas.

“Pay As You Drive” Dallas auto insurance

On new alternative to typical cheap auto insurance in Dallas is “Pay As You Drive” or “Usage Based Auto Insurance” insurance. The basic premise of this type of car insurance is that you are charged a monthly rate based on your current driving patterns, versus your historical driving record. The problem with historical driving records is that it can take years to correct. Usage Based Auto Insurance using cell phone apps to monitor your speed, distance and bad habits that increase risk and rates like talking while driving or texting while driving.

If cheap Dallas auto insurance is a definitive goal, then using one if the new Usage Based Auto Insurance plans may be the best fit. You can get quotes for cheap auto insurance in Dallas, and specifically Usage Based Auto Insurance using our free insurance rate comparison tool.

How your Dallas auto insurance rates are determined

If you know what affects your insurance rates in Dallas, you can alter certain things and get your premiums to come down even lower. Premium rates are dependent on a combination of factors such as:

Driving history
Vehicle model
Other drivers in your family
Your address
Your credit score

Keep your driving history clean, get a low maintenance car, pack the vehicle up with safety features and you can save on Dallas insurance premiums as you will become a lesser risk for insurance companies.

Auto insurance discounts

You can lower your premium rates with special discounts offered by insurance companies. You can get discounts for being a good student driver (for teenagers), paying your premium electronically and buying more than one policy from the insurance company. In some cases you may get a discount for being a loyal customer too. So do not hesitate and always ask you insurance provider if you are qualifying for any discount. Our Dallas auto insurance rate comparison tool asks and applies all of the auto insurance discounts available.

Compare Dallas auto insurance rates

The smartest way to compare price and service options of up to eight insurance companies before choosing one is to use our reputed online insurance comparison portal. You can get desired Cheap Auto Insurance. Dallas has many insurance providers and choose one only after you have compared thoroughly with others.