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Factors Affecting Houston Auto Insurance Rates

Houston tops out our Top Ten Cities in Texas list, and is the fourth-largest in the United States. As a Houston resident, your auto insurance rates are much higher than average – compared to the rest of Texas. The reason you pay more for auto insurance in Houston is because of the inherent risks owning a car there brings. The roads are more crowded, auto thefts are higher and your commute to and from work is generally greater. These are all “risk factors” your auto insurance company takes into account when determining what your auto insurance rates will be.

Houston residents must be aware that owning a car in the city requires you to have adequate car insurance coverage before you can operate your vehicle. This article discusses how Houston insurance premiums vary and what are the factors affecting them.

Houston auto insurance – state requirements

Houston, affectionately called as Space City or H-Town, has a population of 2.1 million people, according to the 2010 U.S. Census. If you have just moved in the city, then you need to be aware of the state laws regarding vehicle ownership and auto insurance proof of responsibility requirements. According to the Texas state laws, to drive a car in Houston you must have at least the minimum state required auto insurance coverage.

If you are caught by a state trooper or any other law enforcement officer without your proof of auto insurance, then you can face severe penalties including heavy fines, suspension of driver’s license, and impoundment of the vehicle and even serving jail time. In some cases where the offence is quite grave and a motorist fails to present his proof of auto insurance or insurance policy, then it can result in immediate license revocation.

A revocation of license means that a motorist is stripped off his driving privileges. Getting a license reinstated can be quite a challenge requiring the assistance of an expert attorney as well as imposing severe penalties to be served by you.

Texas has a program called TexasSure which enables officers of the law to electronically check your auto insurance during a routine traffic stop. If you do not have adequate coverage or your auto insurance coverage has lapsed, the officer will know within seconds and your driving privileges could be revoked.

Texas is a torte state – Houston auto insurance is the same

Remember the purpose of Texas government requiring auto insurance in Houston is to make the residents financially responsible for any loss/damage your vehicle causes on the roads. Texas is a Tort state. This means that when an accident happens on Houston roads, then one party has to be responsible for it. The one proven to be responsible for the auto accident has to pay for the bodily injury damage as well as property damage that incurs due to the crash.

Find cheap auto insurance in Houston

Now that you know why auto insurance in Houston is necessary, you must look for auto insurance providers to give you a suitable deal with adequate coverage and affordable rates. One of the quickest, simplest and most effective ways to get cheap auto insurance in Houston is to compare online auto insurance quotes. We offer an online auto insurance quote comparison tool that gives you one location to get quotes from auto insurance companies such as:

• Geico
• Nationwide
• Elephant
• Progressive
• State Farm
• Liberty Mutual and more

Now, when you will approach insurance providers for quotes, you will not help but notice the huge variations in their quotes for very similar coverage. Why does this happen? How do different companies come up with different quotes for the same coverage? What are the factors that affect insurance premium rates?

Well we have listed some of the elements that affect the premium rates for auto insurance in Houston:

1. Driving Record:
2. Your Vehicle
3. Keep a clean credit
4. Lowering your deductibles
5. Defensive Driving School certificate

Remember that big, luxury and glamorous vehicles come with higher maintenance costs and hence are classified as high risk vehicles by auto insurance companies. If you can, opt for a car which suits your taste as well as is easy to maintain and drive, and packed with super smart safety features.

A good driving history is crucial because it plays a vital part in being offered a choice of low-cost auto insurance in Houston. By being a cautious driver with no traffic violations on your record, your auto insurance rates will go down. With lower rates you will get the desired Cheap Auto Insurance. Houston has many insurance providers and you must make sure to compare rates online before striking a deal with any one insurance company.

If your driving record is poor it could take years to erase the damage. A new type of auto insurance in Houston available to most resident is call Usage Based Auto Insurance or Pay As You Drive Auto Insurance. Review this as an option if you feel current driving patterns and vehicle warrant lower rates, but your driving history is bad.

The writer is an auto insurance coverage expert associated with “In Texas Auto Insurance”, a leading online auto insurance rate comparison portal offering the cheapest Houston auto insurance.