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Houston Auto Insurance

Even though Houston, Texas is a metropolis occupied with “cowboys and cowgirls”, cars and trucks are still the favorite modes of transportation. And although many residents only minimum state required insurance policy, many others are required to buy more “comprehensive” insurance because of vehicle leases or bank loans.

Each year as your policy is renewed – you may think – feel and believe that you are stuck with it for another year – that there is no way out. The good news is that you can change policies at anytime – with no negative consequences. In the event you pay a quarterly premium, your “old” provider will promptly refund any overpayment. So – you may be out of cash for a short period, but shopping for the cheapest auto insurance in Houston – or any other city in Texas will be worth it.

One of the best methods and now becoming widely used – is an online auto insurance quote portal. A portal is “passageway” of sorts into an insurance company’s database. You are able to access this through a “portal” found on a website such as this one.

By entering your zip code, name and a few other basic, you are able to get an online quote from up to 8 insurance providers in about 10 minutes. Can you imagine calling 8 insurance companies and asking for their cheapest quote on auto insurance? I imagine the process could take several hours at least!

Some important factors insurance companies look at when providing a quote are:

• Your Age (Middle age people have fewer accidents)
• Your Gender (Women are a better risk)
• Your Education (More education means fewer claims)
• Your Vehicle Value (More expensive cars mean higher insurance rates)
• Your Location (Country vs. City – which do you think is riskier?)
• Your daily driving mile (Drive less, pay less)
• Your driving record (A bit obvious!)
• All-For-One discounts (If all of your cars, homes etc. are with one carrier – you save!)

Some of the above factors that auto insurance companies use when providing quotes are rather obvious. It seems rather logical that the more speeding tickets, DWI offenses – or auto thefts you have in your area – would increase your insurance rates.

What is not obvious though – is that every insurance company puts different weights on these factors – and if you submit the exact same information to eight companies, odds are you’ll get eight different quotes. And yes – one of them will be lower than the rest (now that’s obvious)!

So whether you live in Portland, Maine or Houston Texas auto insurance quotes can be found – with great savings – online – and in much less time it would take to call on the telephone.