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Getting the cheapest car insurance is a goal for nearly ever vehicle owner in Houston. In the past, it was a simple process of calling your local insurance agent and asking for the best rates in your situation.

Today – with the proliferation of all thing “internet savvy”, your best choice is no longer the local agent – but an online auto insurance comparison tool that can provide multiple insurance quotes – all in about ten minutes.

The benefit to using the online quote tool goes beyond saving money. One begins to understand that not all insurance companies are created equal. In fact – they all use different – highly confidential “factoring methods” to determine how much of a risk you are – and what they are willing to “bet” that you never use the services they provide – yet pay for month after month (after month!).

The bottom line is – that’s how insurance companies make money. They look at you as a risk. They collect money from you every month to “protect” you against expensive accidents. Essentially it is a fear based purchase. Well – it used to be – many years ago – based solely on fear. Now – in Houston and every other city and state in the Country – auto insurance is mandatory.

Houston auto insurance requirements – same as TX overall

The minimum liability auto insurance you are required to purchase, varies from state to state – but the basic minimums are required no matter where you live. It’s mandatory to protect you from yourself – and other drivers as well. Personally I feel it’s a great benefit to know that the bulk of drivers I pass on the road every day are properly insured.

Although in every city and state – and there are no exceptions – including Houston. Auto insurance avoidance still occurs. Across the state of Texas about 20% of all drivers fail to maintain the proper insurance premiums required by law.

They are able to get away with this in between vehicle registration periods, and only as long as they do not get pulled over by an office. Why? There is a system in place called TexasSure – that enables an office to quickly lookup that status of your insurance policy. If it is in default, you will deal with severe penalties. One of them is you will not be driving yourself home that night!

Again – saving money using an online comparison tool can save you money in Idaho, Maine, Boston or Houston. Auto insurance quote comparison tools are convenient, quick, confidential, and they work.