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Laredo Car Insurance

Laredo is one of the densely populated cities of South Texas – 10th in the state for overall population. If you own a vehicle in this city of ‘seven flags’, then you need to follow Texas car insurance laws. Below we have discussed the basics of Laredo auto insurance that residents need to know about.

In the city of Laredo, motor vehicle owners need to have proof of responsibility before they can operate their vehicles on the city roads. Buying the minimum required Texas auto liability insurance is a necessity.

Laredo auto insurance – 91% higher than state average

In Laredo, the average auto insurance cost on an annual basis is $1,601. This amount is 91 percent above the average rate in Texas. Your own annual premium may vary from this amount as the prices are dependent on the type of coverage you choose, your personal risk factors and of course the calculations of the insurance provider you choose.

In Laredo, vehicle owners have to fulfill the minimum Texas auto liability insurance requirements for private passenger vehicles as defined by the state. The minimum Texas auto liability coverage is referred to the 30/60/25 coverage.

This coverage includes:

• $30,000 to pay for bodily injury coverage for one person in a single accident
• $60,000 to pay for bodily injury coverage total per accident
• $25,000 to pay for property damage coverage per accident

To be on the right side of the law, you must keep your auto insurance card in your vehicle at all times. This is important as the car insurance card is your proof of financial responsibility that has to be shown to law enforcement officer if you are pulled over, or to the DMV to get your vehicle registered, re-registered, or to apply for a driver’s license. The car insurance card is also to be produced when you are involved in an accident.

Now, as you can see, the state has defined only minimum car insurance requirements; there is no maximum coverage limit. If you can afford it, and you think you may need it; then you can increase your car insurance coverage amounts or purchase additional auto insurance to protect yourself. If you have a loan on your vehicle, your loan provider will most likely require full coverage Texas auto insurance.

Shop around for the best Texas car insurance rates

Before you approach any Laredo based or online car insurance company – it is advisable to educate yourself about the different types of car insurance coverage in Texas, that way you will know what you’ll want and what to expect from the insurance providers.

In order to save the most money possible on car insurance in Texas – it is recommended that you shop around for comparison quotes. You can do this locally – through a brick and mortar local Texas insurance company. Review our list of local Texas auto insurance companies here.

You can also shop online when comparing Texas car insurance quotes. The online auto insurance comparison tools enable you to shop for savings from the comfort of your home or office. You can receive up to eight car insurance quotes from the top national auto insurance companies. You will recognize the companies provided through our car insurance quote comparison tool, as they all promote their services with national television campaigns.

You could also go direct to each auto insurance company, but doing so would require that you either call each individually or visit each insurer’s website. By using our Texas car insurance quote tool – you get access to all eight auto insurance company’s products, services, websites and customer services teams – so there is not a lot of point in going direct – you do it through one site with us – versus eight sites on your own.

TexasSure: Insurance Verification Program

The state of Texas has created an insurance verification program called TexasSure. This electronic auto insurance verification process has made it easy and fast for law enforcement officers to verify if a certain motorist is up to date on his or her auto insurance coverage in Texas.

The TexasSure Insurance Verification Program has made it mandatory for Texas insurance agencies to electronically submit insurance information directly to the TxDMV. This information about a motorist is then available electronically for reference for all DMV departments, as well as the law enforcement officers.

If your insurance lapses or gets cancelled, you will be notified by the DMV with a deadline for renewing your car insurance. If you get a notice from the DMV for any discrepancy in your records, then you have to resolve the issues or have to give proof that you are duly insured.

Penalties for Carrying No Insurance

If you do not have car insurance in Texas then your driver’s license and registration can be suspended. After suspension, you have 20 days to decide to file an appeal and can contact the state of Texas DMV. If you are caught without car insurance a second time, then your car can be impounded for 180 days and other fines will be levied.

You must accept and abide by the absolute necessity of carrying Auto Insurance. Laredo residents have many options when it comes to getting car insurance, choosing a local provider or finding the best deal through our online auto insurance quote tool are both great options.