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Insurance policy analysts have estimated that new Austin auto insurance regulations Yr. 2011) have led in a 2% to 3% rise in the auto insurance premiums. This is not a big increase in costs, but it is increasing the need yet again – for a simple way to search for multiple online insurance quotes.

Multiple insurance quotes for Austin residents

Residents of Austin – or anywhere in the state of Texas can use the “multiple insurance quote portal” on this site – to review rate quotes from up to eight carriers. The total time it takes is less than ten minutes and the savings can sometimes be as much as 50%.

Simply enter your zip code and some basic information into the banner provided. The next page will show the different providers for your market – and take you to their insurance quote form. You do this for each agency and compare the rates…simple as that.

Each insurance company uses different factors to determine their rates, so don’t make the assumption that if you have a quote from one – the rest will be the same. That is what they are hoping for…but a little extra work on your part could save you a bundle on your annual auto insurance premiums.

Using an online insurance quote portal – your rates will be lowered and you will get the cheapest auto insurance. Austin has many insurance provider options – most of them national. Taking the time to compare rates online, before striking a deal with any one insurance company – makes solid financial sense.