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Top Ten Ways to Save On Texas Auto Insurance

Everyone likes to save money. And Texas residents love to save money in a big way, just like the state itself. If your auto insurance in Texas seems high, and you are trying to cut corners to pay for it, try the Top Ten Ways to Save on Texas Auto Insurance listed below. We did – and cut an additional $452 off the cost of our auto insurance last year. We expect to keep the same insurance carrier for the next five years, so our projected savings on our Texas auto insurance, home and boat policy is a whopping $2,260!!

Tips to Save on Texas Auto Insurance

1. Get Annual Policies: Insurance experts advise the purchase of annual Texas auto insurance policies over the six-month ones because the annual policy normally provides more savings. The fixed rate of the yearly policy secures you in case the insurance company decides to hike the rates on their bi-annual policy.

2. Secure your vehicle: If you install anti-theft devices in your car, then you are not only protecting your asset but are saving on auto insurance premiums too. So buy a modern car equipped with theft devices and similar safety devices and you will get discounts on your auto insurance. Premiums are lowered for you because the insurers see your vehicle as a lower risk, and can offer you discounts on the premium.

3. Lower your mileage: Auto insurance companies estimate the risk involved in covering a driver in Texas from the number of miles they travel in a day. They hold the view that the longer a person is on the road, the higher their chances of being involved in an accident are. So, when you supply the auto insurance company with your one way mileage, while applying for the coverage; your case will be designated to a particular class. This classification is then used to assign the premium costs to each group. Be honest – cheating and getting caught could mean the auto insurance claim you file in the event of an accident is denied.

4. Opt for Comprehensive Storage Coverage: If you do not use your car and store it for a specific period of time, then you can save a lot on your auto insurance in Texas. If you go out of the country for months or for any other reason plan to put your car up for storage, then keep comprehensive coverage with your Texas Auto Insurance throughout the storage period. Liability coverage won’t be needed then, as the car will not be on the road and will not be likely to get in an accident, thus no need for the liability coverage.

5. Multiple Policy Discount: If you have other vehicles that have been covered by an auto insurance provider then get your new vehicle covered by the same one. This is not only convenient, but you can also get discounts for having more than one account with the company, as most auto insurance companies offer special discounts to individuals who want to insure two or more cars. In fact you can get money off both the policies. Always remember that while filling the online quotes form of the insurance companies, you must indicate the number of cars you want insured.

6. Look for a group discount: Ask your insurer if they give discounts for being member of certain groups or organizations. Get them to give you the list of organizations they offer discounts for.

7. Increase Your Deductible: If you want to bet on yourself, you can increase your auto insurance deductible. Raising it from $250 to $500 can save you an additional 3-4% on your annual costs. The risk is that if you are in an accident, and at fault then you have to pay an additional $250 out of pocket before the auto insurance coverage kicks in.

8. Drop Collision Insurance on older cars: Collision auto insurance is for repairs of your car in the event of an accident. If you drive an older car that is not worth much, it might make sense to drop collision auto insurance.

9. Bundle other types of policies: By bundling your auto insurance with your home, boat and umbrella insurance policies, you could save an additional 4-5% on your auto insurance costs. Insurance carriers love bundling.

10. Pre-pay your auto insurance: We all like to keep our cash, but if pre-paying can save you an additional 3% on your Texas auto insurance rates, it might be worth it. Prepaying your auto insurance in Texas is a common approach many take to reduce the overall costs of auto insurance.

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