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Texas Auto Insurance and Your Pet

Do you bring your dog or cat along no matter where you go? Do you travel with horses or show dogs all around the state? No matter how safe an animal carrier, trailer or other restraints may seem it’s important to understand how car insurance companies’ deal with animals involved in auto accidents. Unfortunately, if you don’t give some thought to what will happen to your pet if a car crash occurs, it may be impossible to take proper care of your pet. Proper pet or animal insurance will help you deal with vet bills as well as ensure that your pet gets the best of care.

Pedigree, Show, and Working Animals

Consider a situation where you purchased a pedigree dog that has won a number of monetary awards for obedience trials. When an animal with some type of intrinsic value is injured or killed in a crash, the owner is entitled to receive financial compensation from the auto insurance company. This includes coverage for the cost of medical treatment, or replacing the animal if required.

Is My Family Pet Covered Under My Auto Insurance Policy?

If you have pets in your home, chances are you and other family members may not see them as monetary assets. In fact, iTime runs like sand through your hands

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Enter Your Zip Code To Compare Texas Auto Insurance Rates
From The Top 8 Insurance Companies
You Could Save $570 In Less Than 10 Minutes.

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Caution: Flood Damaged Vehicles

If you are on the hunt for a new or used vehicle, it’s important to understand what to look for to avoid buying a flood damaged one. Flood damage is not limited to just used cars; new cars can have flood damage as well.

Flood damaged vehicles can look and drive like new – as if the damaged never occurred. But after a few months the detrimental long term effects of the damage come to a head and hit you where it hurts, your wallet.

Areas of a car that are damaged by flood that can be covered up are the electrical system, air bag electronic controls, anti-lock brakes, and many other safety features. Damage from floods to these areas may not come to light for months after a purchase.

Avoid Buying a Flood Damaged Car

There are a number of things you can do to avoid buying a flood damaged car:

• Complete a title search. A title search will show evidence of flood damage if it occurred. But “title washing” can be done by moving the vehicle and title to a new state. To dig deeper and avoid getting ripped off try:

o The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) database of vehicles compiles a list of titles with flood damage. You’ll need the year, make and model or to shorten your search get the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). You can also order a TxDOT vehicle title history from the TxDOT for a small fee. Visit http://www.txdot.gov

o The National Insurance Crime Bureau has a database containing information about flood damaged vehicles. They have a free VINCheck database on their site: http://www.nicb.org

o Lookup your vehicle history on http://www.carfax.com or http://www.autocheck.com to get a history of the vehicle. There may be a small fee for these services, but it’s better than a big expense later on.

• Do a thorough visual search of the vehicle. Check for mud on the under carriage, under the dash, the seat and anywhere that a thorough cleaning might miss. Look for signs of rust or a high water mark. Some flood damage is permanent and nearly impossible to erase. A thorough search could reveal a lot.

• Avoid buying form an individual. You might pay a little more from a certified used car or truck retailer, but the price could be worth it. These facilities often provide a warranty from the auto manufacturer, and not just the dealer. Flood damaged vehicles are excluded from automakers certified car programs, so you are safest buying from these dealers.

• Take a long test drive and make an appointment with your local body shop. Too many things can be hidden from the untrained eye. It’s always a good idea to have an inspection of the vehicle prior to buying. You do it for your house, why not your car?

• If you can’t take it for a test drive, don’t buy it. That means avoid buying a car from online auction houses.

As a Texas resident, you have resources available to you if you feel you have been ripped off. If you think you are a victim of a fraudulent vehicle sale, call the Texas Attorney General’s office at 800-621-0508 or visit their website at http://www.oag.state.tx.us and file a complaint. Once that is done, focus locally and file another complaint with the Better Business Bureau at http://www.bbb.org. Be vigilant and file your complaints, it will help you and protect others from the same scam.

Online Texas Auto Insurance

To further protect your vehicle investment make sure you have the proper auto insurance coverage. You can use this online Texas Auto Insurance portal to get up to eight quotes in one online location. These quotes will be from well-known auto insurance providers like Geico, All-State, State Farm and more.

Enter Your Zip Code To Compare Texas Auto Insurance Rates
From The Top 8 Insurance Companies
You Could Save $570 In Less Than 10 Minutes.

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Texas Department of Insurance

It may surprise you to learn that the Texas state government can be very helpful! The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) is one such example. If you are searching for information on Texas auto insurance, this website can be an invaluable resource.

Their job is to protect you, the consumer against unethical business practices of insurance companies, and the few unethical people within them. To be fair – most insurance companies are trustworthy and put forth their best efforts to serve their client base well. But then there are the occasional bad apples that spoil the bushel.

We’ve all heard the stories…a fellow Texas files an auto insurance claim only to find out his insurance provider finds a loophole and won’t pay the claim. TDI is there to help fight for you and protect your rights.

On the TDI website you’ll find informational links for:

• Complaint Information
• Consumer Issues
• Consumer Publications
• Consumer Services
• File a Complaint
• Senior Issues
Teens and Young Adults

And many more links to help guide you through the process of protecting your rights, filing a complaint against an insurance company and educating you and even helping with comparison shopping.

Auto Insurance Price Comparisons

TDI provides an auto insurance price comparison review to help Texas shop for the best auto insurance. These comparisons show the annual price estimates submitted to TDI by auto insurance companies on policies they are most likely to sell to new customers.

These comparisons also list the discounts offered by the different auto insurance companies in Texas. And although finding contact information for Texas auto insurance providers is relatively easy, TDI has gone to the trouble of compiling and putting it all in one place.

All Types of Insurance

Although this site focuses primarily on Texas auto insurance, we know that readers also require home, boat and a whole variety of other types of insurance protection. TDI is a great resource for knowing your rights and saving money on insurance. Insurance information can be found on:

• Auto Insurance
• Worker’s Compensation
• Flood Insurance
• Hail Damage Insurance
• Health Insurance
• HMOs
• Home Insurance
• Fire Insurance
• Flood Insurance

In summary the purpose of TDI is empower consumers to generate price competition among providers and stop insurance companies from shifting the blame and burden away from them, and onto the consumer by continually raising Texas insurance rates.

Enter Your Zip Code To Compare Texas Auto Insurance Rates
From The Top 8 Insurance Companies
You Could Save $570 In Less Than 10 Minutes.

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How to Choose the Best Texas Auto Insurance

The state of Texas requires every motorist to have at least the minimum required liability insurance, as a proof of financial responsibility. If you are buying Texas auto insurance for the first time, then you need to know how to choose an auto insurance company in Texas.

The first step is to consider your personal situation

- Do you have a loan? This will require full coverage auto insurance.
- Having no Loan allows only the required liability insurance.
- A vehicle low in value with no loan is a good option for the minimum required Texas auto insurance.
- Increasing your deductible will lower your payment, but increase out of pocket costs in the event of an accident. Can you afford a random $200-$300 if you were in an accident next month?

Before considering which auto insurance company to choose, it’s good to have an idea of what your needs are. Then approach companies who provide the type of cover you are looking for and at the rates that suit you.

Online Auto Insurance Quotes & Research

The internet is now the fastest and most complete way of doing this research – and you don’t ever feel the added pressure of an insurance salesman pitching you on things you don’t need, only to drive up their commission!

The online Texas auto insurance quote portal banner above allows you to simply enter your zip code and some basic details, and get up to eight auto insurance quotes from the top insurance providers in Texas. These quotes will be viewable on your computer and emailed to you. They will be from companies such as All State, Progressive, Geico, AARP, Nationwide and more.

Factors to Consider When Searching for Texas Auto Insurance

Here are the distinguishing factors that separate the right insurance company from the unsuitable ones. Make a note of them and follow them to arrive at the best suited insurance provider for you:

- Customer Service
- Local Agents
- Claim Filing Process
- Reputation

The Customer Service of the Company: Reputed insurance providers are known for their excellent customer service. It is important that you must be treated right when you buy your auto policy.

However, good customer service is even more desirable in the ‘claiming a policy’ process. Your insurance company must have experts to handle your case when you are involved in an accident. Look for an insurer with a good support staff and dedicated claims call centers, with agents. The bottom line- the insurance team should be there for you wherever and whenever you need it.

The Local Agents of the Company

When you select or contact a company online, they usually send an agent over for further clarifications or at least give you a follow up call or email. So you must opt for companies with responsive and knowledgeable insurance agents. An agent is like your guide amidst the confusing insurance jargon and he can help in explaining what the right coverage is for you and help you decide what to buy. You can always compare quotes online in a faster way and judge for yourself what cover is right for you.

The Claim Filing Process of the Company

You must find a company where there is complete and absolute ease of filing in a claim. In the case of an accident, when you file for a claim, the company must show excellent speed of response. The company must respond to you promptly when you are in need of roadside assistance or need to file a claim. You must choose an insurer known for handling claims speedily, efficiently and professionally. Visit the Texas Department of Insurance to verify any insurance company’s performance and claim settling speed.

The Reputation of the Company

In the insurance industry, there are many providers who function way below the set industry standards, and you have to steer clear of such providers. So always rely on a company that has been in business for many years and has an excellent reputation. You can choose a company that has a long list of satisfied customers. Be sure to search the Better Business Bureau rating in your state for the insurance provider’s ratings. You can all do an online search for the company name and include the word “review” in the search term.


These are some criteria to help you choose a reputable Texas auto insurance company. Remember the number one key for finding affordable yet comprehensive auto insurance is to compare as many quotes as possible from reputed providers. Using the online Texas auto insurance quote portal will help ease the process of getting multiple quotes.

Enter Your Zip Code To Compare Texas Auto Insurance Rates
From The Top 8 Insurance Companies
You Could Save $570 In Less Than 10 Minutes.

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Top Ten Ways to Save On Texas Auto Insurance

Everyone likes to save money. And Texas residents love to save money in a big way, just like the state itself. If your auto insurance in Texas seems high, and you are trying to cut corners to pay for it, try the Top Ten Ways to Save on Texas Auto Insurance listed below. We did – and cut an additional $452 off the cost of our auto insurance last year. We expect to keep the same insurance carrier for the next five years, so our projected savings on our Texas auto insurance, home and boat policy is a whopping $2,260!!

Tips to Save on Texas Auto Insurance

1. Get Annual Policies: Insurance experts advise the purchase of annual Texas auto insurance policies over the six-month ones because the annual policy normally provides more savings. The fixed rate of the yearly policy secures you in case the insurance company decides to hike the rates on their bi-annual policy.

2. Secure your vehicle: If you install anti-theft devices in your car, then you are not only protecting your asset but are saving on auto insurance premiums too. So buy a modern car equipped with theft devices and similar safety devices and you will get discounts on your auto insurance. Premiums are lowered for you because the insurers see your vehicle as a lower risk, and can offer you discounts on the premium.

3. Lower your mileage: Auto insurance companies estimate the risk involved in covering a driver in Texas from the number of miles they travel in a day. They hold the view that the longer a person is on the road, the higher their chances of being involved in an accident are. So, when you supply the auto insurance company with your one way mileage, while applying for the coverage; your case will be designated to a particular class. This classification is then used to assign the premium costs to each group. Be honest – cheating and getting caught could mean the auto insurance claim you file in the event of an accident is denied.

4. Opt for Comprehensive Storage Coverage: If you do not use your car and store it for a specific period of time, then you can save a lot on your auto insurance in Texas. If you go out of the country for months or for any other reason plan to put your car up for storage, then keep comprehensive coverage with your Texas Auto Insurance throughout the storage period. Liability coverage won’t be needed then, as the car will not be on the road and will not be likely to get in an accident, thus no need for the liability coverage.

5. Multiple Policy Discount: If you have other vehicles that have been covered by an auto insurance provider then get your new vehicle covered by the same one. This is not only convenient, but you can also get discounts for having more than one account with the company, as most auto insurance companies offer special discounts to individuals who want to insure two or more cars. In fact you can get money off both the policies. Always remember that while filling the online quotes form of the insurance companies, you must indicate the number of cars you want insured.

6. Look for a group discount: Ask your insurer if they give discounts for being member of certain groups or organizations. Get them to give you the list of organizations they offer discounts for.

7. Increase Your Deductible: If you want to bet on yourself, you can increase your auto insurance deductible. Raising it from $250 to $500 can save you an additional 3-4% on your annual costs. The risk is that if you are in an accident, and at fault then you have to pay an additional $250 out of pocket before the auto insurance coverage kicks in.

8. Drop Collision Insurance on older cars: Collision auto insurance is for repairs of your car in the event of an accident. If you drive an older car that is not worth much, it might make sense to drop collision auto insurance.

9. Bundle other types of policies: By bundling your auto insurance with your home, boat and umbrella insurance policies, you could save an additional 4-5% on your auto insurance costs. Insurance carriers love bundling.

10. Pre-pay your auto insurance: We all like to keep our cash, but if pre-paying can save you an additional 3% on your Texas auto insurance rates, it might be worth it. Prepaying your auto insurance in Texas is a common approach many take to reduce the overall costs of auto insurance.

The writer is associated with “In Texas Auto Insurance”, a leading auto insurance comparison portal providing people with affordable Auto Insurance in Texas.

Enter Your Zip Code To Compare Texas Auto Insurance Rates
From The Top 8 Insurance Companies
You Could Save $570 In Less Than 10 Minutes.

Currently Insured?

How to Choose Your Texas Auto Insurance Company

If you have recently purchased a new vehicle or have moved to the state of Texas, then you need to buy Texas auto insurance from a provider licensed to sell auto insurance in the state. There is a vast sea of auto insurance providers in Texas and the first experience of entering into the insurance market can be overwhelming.

In many ways that is just what the auto insurance companies want. They want you to be overwhelmed and make a simple choice, versus doing some research and saving money. That is why you see auto insurance commercials on TV all the time…the advertising works because very few people actually go through the process of comparing auto insurance rates from different companies. The easier choice is to pick the first one that comes to mind – and assume the rates are the same from all of them. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You could also easily go with your existing Texas auto insurance provider, and in some cases you may get additional discounts on your auto insurance by adding another vehicle, but in order to pay the least amount of money it is best to do some comparison shopping. When it comes to Texas auto insurance, the process of doing the comparison shopping is now greatly simplified.

Choosing the right Texas auto insurance company

The coverage needs for auto insurance in Texas will vary greatly for each individual person. You should not just get the same coverage as the guy who sits in the cubicle next to you. Texas auto insurance companies use a variety of auto insurance factors to determine rates for each person, group or business.

To get the best rates, you have to be patient – and diligent – if you are not and choose the first option provided to you, you’ll be doing the auto insurance companies a favor and padding their profits. With a little time and some effort – you can get adequate coverage as well as save money on your Texas auto insurance.

Nationally known Texas auto insurance providers

There are several approaches you can take to secure cheap Texas auto insurance quotes. You could start with listing all Texas auto insurance providers and contacting 5-10 of them for a quote. A complete list of every Texas auto insurance provider can be found at the State’s auto insurance commission. Insurance providers, whether a local or national one, have to be licensed within the state to provide Texas auto insurance to residents.

Well known national auto insurance providers could be your best option for cheap Texas auto insurance. Through the Texas auto insurance quote portal on this site, you can get direct quotes from nationally known Texas auto insurance providers such as:

• Geico
• Elephant Auto Insurance
• AAA Auto Insurance
• AARP Auto Insurance from the Hartford
• Nationwide Auto Insurance
• Hartford Auto Insurance
• Liberty Mutual
• Progressive Auto Insurance

Getting the right price on Texas auto insurance

The next thing you have to do after narrowing down the list of Texas auto insurance providers is to bring your budget in focus and shop for the best deal. While the amount of coverage you need is also an important deciding factor, price is also a major influencer on the auto insurance buying process.

In the state of Texas, you must carry at least the minimum required amount of auto liability insurance. If your vehicle is financed, you will most likely be required by your bank to carry full coverage auto insurance.

You will see for yourself that the quotes offered by companies for similar policies can vary greatly. That is why it is recommended that you should get at least three auto insurance quotes.

You can get quotes from the direct-to-consumer companies, or from independent agents, or through internet-based price comparison portals. The choice is up to you and what you prefer. If you prefer a phone call or face to face meeting, using your local agent may be best. If time and efficiency is a factor, using an online auto insurance comparison portal might be the best choice for you.

The art of insurance shopping revolves around skillful comparison. You must make sure you compare apples to apples. Apples here refer to the level of coverage you have chosen to buy and for what vehicle(s). While you’re getting competing quotes, be sure that they are for the same levels of coverage, vehicle(s) and people.

Does service matter with your Texas auto insurance?

The purpose of a policy is that your insurance company must handle your claim justly, swiftly and professionally in the event of an accident. There are many ways to see what others think about the service that Texas auto insurance companies provide.

You can go online to review sites to see what other customers of the company say about the claims process. Are they happy and did the claims process run smoothly? You can check out the Better Business Bureau to see the service quality details of the company and learn about the consumer complaints filed against it.

While dealing with the company, you must ensure that they provide easy assistance and that they are easy to reach and sort your queries quickly when you file a claim. In addition, the basic and the most important factor is the company’s ability to pay on a claim. That is why many Texas residents choose nationally known insurance providers.

We hope this information will help you choose the best insurer among Texas auto insurance companies. While it may be a tedious process, when you go through it and get at least three auto insurance quotes you can save hundreds of dollars – something we all need regardless of the economic times!

Enter Your Zip Code To Compare Texas Auto Insurance Rates
From The Top 8 Insurance Companies
You Could Save $570 In Less Than 10 Minutes.

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Texas Auto Insurance Claim Payout Process

In the state of Texas, every motorist is required to have adequate auto insurance, so that he or she can fulfill the required financial responsibility on the roads. The process of being paid by an auto insurance company in Texas – in the event of an accident is covered in this article.

Texas auto insurance – an at-fault state

Every driver on Texas roads should be aware of the ways his auto insurance claims pay in the event of an accident. If you sustained injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence, then you have the right to be compensated for your damages. In Texas the at-fault driver in an auto accident has to pay for your medical treatments and other damages so that you are not hurt financially and physically because of the accident.

In the event that the driver does not have adequate Texas auto insurance, then you will have to sue him for your damages. In case he has auto insurance you (or your attorney) have to work with a claims adjuster employed by his insurance company, towards getting a settlement.

Every auto insurance adjuster evaluates an injury claim on the basis of the company’s procedures. There are some general evaluation criteria too, which are taken into account when determining how much money the injured party should receive as claim.

Auto insurance adjuster – claim factors

There are many claim factors taken into account when an auto insurance adjuster is reviewing an auto accident claim, including:

The auto accident facts

The adjuster will verify and investigate the entire incident. The auto accident, how it happened, where, who all were involved, at what speed, were any laws broken, when did the police come, etc., will be found out and made a note of by the adjuster for the auto insurance company.

Who is at fault

Liability is another parameter. The claims adjusters have to judge a claim for fault before they offer any settlement. In case it is clear that one party is liable for the incident, then there is no room for speculation.

However, if the auto accident is one where it is difficult to determine who was responsible, then third parties need to get involved. Auto insurance reconstruction experts are called in to study the accident scene. These experts then follow their investigative and analytical process to determine how the accident happened and who was more at fault. In many cases, both parties have been declared to have been found guilty.

Evaluation of the injuries caused

The adjuster will also need to know the details of your injuries so that he may determine how injured you really are. They look through the reports very closely as they want to avoid fraudulent claims. The regular documents you will need to provide them with are a medical report from your physician with a diagnosis and a prognosis for your recovery.

The calculation of expenses occurred

The auto insurance adjuster will need to know the money you paid on medical bills as a result of the auto accident. The amount of money you lost as wages, while you were recuperating; and other expenses that may have occurred. So, to get claim settlement, be ready to supply the adjuster with copies of medical bills and statements, wage stubs, receipts for medicines and other expenses. Submit any payments you made to deal with damage to your property (unless you have insurance to pay for it). Usually, to determine the property liability, they will see the damage done to your car and estimate the amount it will take to repair it.

At fault Texas auto insurance

After all this information has been collected and processed, the adjuster will make an offer under the limits of the at-fault driver’s auto insurance. Texas insurance companies follow different formulas to calculate claims, and it is advised that you hire an attorney to negotiate your claims.

The writer is associated with InTexasAutoInsurance, the leading auto insurance comparison portal, serving the residents of Texas. Auto Insurance comparison quotes from leading insurers like Geico, All-State, Nationwide, AAA and more are available at the site.

Enter Your Zip Code To Compare Texas Auto Insurance Rates
From The Top 8 Insurance Companies
You Could Save $570 In Less Than 10 Minutes.

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The Different Types of Texas Auto Insurance

If you own and drive a car, you are required by state law to have auto insurance in Texas. The state requires you to have insurance as a proof of financial responsibility that comes with owning a vehicle. If you are a new entrant to the insurance market, read on to know about the types of auto insurance available in Texas.

Texas auto insurance options

You can choose from a number of auto insurance coverage in the state of Texas, they are:

Liability Insurance

The state of Texas is a Tort state, where one person is considered to be at fault for causing the accident. The person at fault has to pay for the physical and property damages occurred due to the accident. You are required to have minimum liability auto insurance coverage of 30/60/25 as per the state law. This amount will often cover the cost of medical bills as well as vehicle repair costs.

In other words, as per the Texas state law you have to have coverage for Bodily Injury Liability -$30,000 per injured person up to a total of $60,000 per accident (for all injured), and Property Damage Liability coverage with a minimum limit of $25,000. If you think the minimum amount of liability insurance is too low, then you can exceed the minimum requirement and cover yourself more adequately.

Collision Insurance

Liability insurance will pay for the damages you caused to the other party in an accident. But what about the payment of damages you suffered? That is why you should consider collision insurance so that you can pay for the repair of your car if you have an accident and you are at fault. Collision insurance will cover your car’s repair costs or if the car is completely damaged, the coverage will pay you the market value of the car prior to the crash. Avoid this insurance if your car is very old and not worth the actual cost of insurance.

Comprehensive Insurance

You must remember that collision and liability insurance are for car accidents only. How can you be protected if a hurricane does damage to your car in Texas? That is why, Texas motorists sign up for comprehensive insurance that covers weather damage, animal collisions and theft. Arm your vehicle with the latest anti-theft devices to get some discounts on this insurance.

Uninsured Motorist Protection

There are many motorists on Texas roads who do not have any insurance – approximately twenty percent! In case you are in an accident caused by any such uninsured motorist, then you will have to pay for all the damages. That is why the need to sign up for uninsured motorist protection. This coverage is not mandatory by state law in the state of Texas.

Personal/Medical Injury Protection

Usually your health insurance will cover your medical bills after an accident. But to be completely protected, experts recommend motorists buy medical injury protection. This insurance pays for your medical treatment after an accident, irrespective of who was at fault for the accident.

No-Fault Insurance

This insurance pays for property damage and injury damage, regardless of who was responsible for the accident.

Gap Insurance

Texas residents can get gap insurance if their vehicle is new and they are still paying for the car. This insurance will pay its value in case the car got totally damaged; and you still have not paid all the cost of the car.

These are the different types of Auto Insurance in Texas you must find adequate coverage for yourself to be safe on the roads. Search for the best quotes online and compare quotes to get the best and most affordable auto insurance policy.

The writer is associated with In “In Texas Auto Insurance”, the leading insurance comparison portal, serving the motorists of Texas. Auto Insurance quotes from leading providers are available at the click of a button.

Enter Your Zip Code To Compare Texas Auto Insurance Rates
From The Top 8 Insurance Companies
You Could Save $570 In Less Than 10 Minutes.

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Pay As You Drive – Usage Based Auto Insurance

If you are in need of auto insurance in Texas and trying to save money, you might want to consider Usage Based Insurance. This form of insurance is also known as “Pay As You Drive” (PAYD) or “Pay How You Drive” (PHYD) insurance. Some even refer to it as “Mile Based Auto Insurance” (MBAI). Regardless of the acronym you choose, saving money and being rewarded for driving less is the goal.

Traditional auto insurance in Texas and across the US is based on “risk factors”. These risk factors are risk points that determine how much an individual pays for their auto insurance in Texas. Some factors include to following.

• Age
• Driving Record
• Daily Travel to Work
• Make & Model of Vehicle
• Education Level
• Credit Score

Using historical data, risk factors determine how much your auto insurance premium rates are. The negative to this type of system for the insured, is that it can take a long time to erase the past – if it can be erased at all. With usage based auto insurance in Texas, you are being charged rates based on your current or present patterns of behavior, not the past.

Usage Based Auto Insurance in Texas

There are several forms of usage based auto insurance in Texas, with the simplest being when the insurance cost is based on the number of miles driven. Other methods and measurable factors can also include how far you drive, when and even how fast.

Here are three types of usage based auto insurance Texas residents can use:

• The odometer reading of the vehicle determines the premium coverage amount.
• The amount of minutes the vehicle is used and measured by an APP on your cell phone or RF technology.
• A combination of time of day, distance, time and driving actions.

When the type is determined, it’s easy to add additional parameters such as extra premium costs for driving too long without a break, using your cell phone while driving or driving beyond the speed limit.

Usage based insurance uses a cell phone app to automatically transmit information to the insurer. It is an ever changing dynamic system – constantly changing the cost to the insurer based on immediate driving patterns.

The incentive to drive safely is very high here – and the financial benefits are immediate – each month your insurance costs would be different – and based on how you drove that month.

Reduce Texas auto insurance rates with multi-quotes

As Usage Based Auto Insurance becomes more prevalent, the need to get multiple auto insurance quotes in Texas becomes more necessary. Although Usage Based Auto Insurance rates go up or down depending on how you drive, the base costs will still be different depending on the auto insurance provider.

Using a multi-quote auto insurance tool such as this one, will enable you to enter your information into the websites of up to eight of the top rated Texas auto insurance companies in about 10 minutes. The average saving is up to $500 for those who take the time to do it. Saving $500 in 10 minutes is the equivalent of getting paid $3000 in one hour.

So whether you are specifically looking for Usage Based Auto Insurance in Texas, or trying to find a way to reduce your existing Texas auto insurance rates, using a multi-quote tool will help you get the cheapest Texas auto insurance rates available…taking action and making it happen is up to you.

Enter Your Zip Code To Compare Texas Auto Insurance Rates
From The Top 8 Insurance Companies
You Could Save $570 In Less Than 10 Minutes.

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TexasSure – Texas Auto Insurance Law

The state of Texas has a Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act in place which every resident has to follow. To ensure that the people are following the regulations listed, the Texas Department of Insurance has created TexasSure. TexasSure will indirectly lower Texas car insurance quotes and rates over time. The details of the program of listed below.

There are over 7.6 million registered cars in Texas and the State’s Department of Transportation estimated that in 2010 a car crash occurred every 81 seconds. These numbers are quite scary and you cannot help but think what if you were caught right in the middle of such a crash.

That is why you must follow all the road safety rules as well as the state’s motor vehicle laws. An essential requirement of the state law is that you are required to fulfill your financial responsibility of owning a vehicle and operating it on public roads.

The state of Texas has firm laws in place where a motorist can only operate a motor vehicle on Texas roads if he has fulfilled his financial responsibility requirements for that particular vehicle. To fulfill the financial responsibility; the state requires vehicle owners to buy Texas auto insurance (liability only is required). The Texas minimum liability coverage or auto insurance minimums are:

$30,000 for one injured person in an accident
$60,000 for everyone injured in an accident
$25,000 for property damage

This coverage is also called as the 30/60/25 coverage.

TexasSure tracks car insurance in Texas

The process of tracking if a motorists has up to date Texas auto insurance can be a difficult one for law enforcement. Years ago it was a difficult and nearly impossible process for an officer to verify if a driver actually had proper Texas car insurance or not. If they did not have their auto insurance card with them, but pleaded and insisted they had insurance, but just left the card home – many officers would believe them – and rightly so.

Unfortunately in the state of Texas, even with today’s technology 20% of drivers on average have no Texas car insurance in place.

But now there is a program called TexasSure to help reduce the percentage of uninsured Texas drivers and force those to comply with the law. TexasSure is a program designed to allow law enforcement, the Department of Public Safety and state vehicle registration officers determine – electronically in seconds – if the driver has the proper Texas auto insurance coverage or not.

Technically the program is called the State of Texas Financial Responsibility Verification Program. Together, the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), the 79th Legislature, the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS), the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) and the Texas Department of Information Resources (TxDIR) crafted and created the program to enable officers to enforce the law, and keep the public safe on Texas roadways.

TexasSure reduces Texas car insurance rates

By making it easier to enforce the laws, not only do the 20% of uninsured get caught, but the general public benefits financially as well.

Car insurance rates in Texas are determined by insurance “factors”. These factors are what car insurance companies use to determine what kind of a risk a driver is. Where that driver lives comes into play when determining the car insurance quotes and rates.

If Texas has a high uninsured rate, then statistically these drivers are more likely to cause accidents, ones that may involve you. This is where you save money on car insurance rates.

In time the TexasSure law will reduce the amount of uninsured drivers in Texas. As the percentage decreases, so does the risk of you being in an accident with one of them. The lower that risk – the lower your auto insurance rates.

Now when you get pulled over for a traffic violation, the law enforcement officer enters your vehicle license number into the TexasSure database before exiting their vehicle. They know before even asking for your license and registration if your car insurance coverage is active and up to date. This is a good example of your government funds at work.

Texas car insurance quotes and rates will eventually be reduced because of TexasSure. Texas auto insurance quotes will be something drivers seek out because of potential savings instead of avoiding because of the high cost. If you want to lower your Texas car insurance costs, be thankful for TexasSure.

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