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Texas Department of Insurance

It may surprise you to learn that the Texas state government can be very helpful! The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) is one such example. If you are searching for information on Texas auto insurance, this website can be an invaluable resource.

Their job is to protect you, the consumer against unethical business practices of insurance companies, and the few unethical people within them. To be fair – most insurance companies are trustworthy and put forth their best efforts to serve their client base well. But then there are the occasional bad apples that spoil the bushel.

We’ve all heard the stories…a fellow Texas files an auto insurance claim only to find out his insurance provider finds a loophole and won’t pay the claim. TDI is there to help fight for you and protect your rights.

On the TDI website you’ll find informational links for:

• Complaint Information
• Consumer Issues
• Consumer Publications
• Consumer Services
• File a Complaint
• Senior Issues
Teens and Young Adults

And many more links to help guide you through the process of protecting your rights, filing a complaint against an insurance company and educating you and even helping with comparison shopping.

Auto Insurance Price Comparisons

TDI provides an auto insurance price comparison review to help Texas shop for the best auto insurance. These comparisons show the annual price estimates submitted to TDI by auto insurance companies on policies they are most likely to sell to new customers.

These comparisons also list the discounts offered by the different auto insurance companies in Texas. And although finding contact information for Texas auto insurance providers is relatively easy, TDI has gone to the trouble of compiling and putting it all in one place.

All Types of Insurance

Although this site focuses primarily on Texas auto insurance, we know that readers also require home, boat and a whole variety of other types of insurance protection. TDI is a great resource for knowing your rights and saving money on insurance. Insurance information can be found on:

• Auto Insurance
• Worker’s Compensation
• Flood Insurance
• Hail Damage Insurance
• Health Insurance
• HMOs
• Home Insurance
• Fire Insurance
• Flood Insurance

In summary the purpose of TDI is empower consumers to generate price competition among providers and stop insurance companies from shifting the blame and burden away from them, and onto the consumer by continually raising Texas insurance rates.