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TexasSure – Texas Auto Insurance Law

The state of Texas has a Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act in place which every resident has to follow. To ensure that the people are following the regulations listed, the Texas Department of Insurance has created TexasSure. TexasSure will indirectly lower Texas car insurance quotes and rates over time. The details of the program of listed below.

There are over 7.6 million registered cars in Texas and the State’s Department of Transportation estimated that in 2010 a car crash occurred every 81 seconds. These numbers are quite scary and you cannot help but think what if you were caught right in the middle of such a crash.

That is why you must follow all the road safety rules as well as the state’s motor vehicle laws. An essential requirement of the state law is that you are required to fulfill your financial responsibility of owning a vehicle and operating it on public roads.

The state of Texas has firm laws in place where a motorist can only operate a motor vehicle on Texas roads if he has fulfilled his financial responsibility requirements for that particular vehicle. To fulfill the financial responsibility; the state requires vehicle owners to buy Texas auto insurance (liability only is required). The Texas minimum liability coverage or auto insurance minimums are:

$30,000 for one injured person in an accident
$60,000 for everyone injured in an accident
$25,000 for property damage

This coverage is also called as the 30/60/25 coverage.

TexasSure tracks car insurance in Texas

The process of tracking if a motorists has up to date Texas auto insurance can be a difficult one for law enforcement. Years ago it was a difficult and nearly impossible process for an officer to verify if a driver actually had proper Texas car insurance or not. If they did not have their auto insurance card with them, but pleaded and insisted they had insurance, but just left the card home – many officers would believe them – and rightly so.

Unfortunately in the state of Texas, even with today’s technology 20% of drivers on average have no Texas car insurance in place.

But now there is a program called TexasSure to help reduce the percentage of uninsured Texas drivers and force those to comply with the law. TexasSure is a program designed to allow law enforcement, the Department of Public Safety and state vehicle registration officers determine – electronically in seconds – if the driver has the proper Texas auto insurance coverage or not.

Technically the program is called the State of Texas Financial Responsibility Verification Program. Together, the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), the 79th Legislature, the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS), the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) and the Texas Department of Information Resources (TxDIR) crafted and created the program to enable officers to enforce the law, and keep the public safe on Texas roadways.

TexasSure reduces Texas car insurance rates

By making it easier to enforce the laws, not only do the 20% of uninsured get caught, but the general public benefits financially as well.

Car insurance rates in Texas are determined by insurance “factors”. These factors are what car insurance companies use to determine what kind of a risk a driver is. Where that driver lives comes into play when determining the car insurance quotes and rates.

If Texas has a high uninsured rate, then statistically these drivers are more likely to cause accidents, ones that may involve you. This is where you save money on car insurance rates.

In time the TexasSure law will reduce the amount of uninsured drivers in Texas. As the percentage decreases, so does the risk of you being in an accident with one of them. The lower that risk – the lower your auto insurance rates.

Now when you get pulled over for a traffic violation, the law enforcement officer enters your vehicle license number into the TexasSure database before exiting their vehicle. They know before even asking for your license and registration if your car insurance coverage is active and up to date. This is a good example of your government funds at work.

Texas car insurance quotes and rates will eventually be reduced because of TexasSure. Texas auto insurance quotes will be something drivers seek out because of potential savings instead of avoiding because of the high cost. If you want to lower your Texas car insurance costs, be thankful for TexasSure.

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